Sunday, March 6, 2016


Today I lived a dream. I did something I never in a million years thought I would do. Not only that, I got to see my son do the same.
Today I took the polar plunge for Special Olympics and Girls on the Run. When I signed up a few months back, I really did not A) think I would raise the funds B) actually Plunge C) have a cheering section!
Well I not only raised more than I needed for 2 amazing charities but I did plunge and with an amazing cheering section!
13 checked in the night before and made sure we were still going in the morning. I had made tutus for our team and the weather was supposed to be why not?!
Gaga and 13
I got up in the morning, had coffee and got everything together then woke up 13. We got in the car, got more coffee and headed towards the lake. We sang along to the radio as we made our way to the parking lot.  Once parked, we walked to the North Avenue Beach house. 13 was more excited to "stalk" celebrities than ot see momma jump in the lake and made no bones about it!
Once we got the "lay of the land' we met up with 2 friends of is my "running daddy' the other is my "personal Paparazzi". My PP gave 13 some celeb spotting tips and then he was off.
13 and I noticed that some celebs were coming out of the "warming" area. It was Tyler Kinney and Lady Gaga!! 13 tried to get  "selfie" but Gaga was not paying attention. Momma opened her big mouth as 13 ran ahead. He asked again and there it was...the selfie (and the only one she would take all day).  My son was hyperventilating and tears came...from both of us. Seeing him meet someone he considers a hero? A life changing experience for me. It would carry him through the rest of the day....floating on cloud nine.
Me? I had to leave him and meet my team.
We got "dressed"...or undressed.... and prepared to plunge. Once we were ready it was time for photos and then the walk to "line up", We entered the line and heating tent to wait our turn ....and then it was time!  we burst out of the tent and headed to the water.  I could hear 13 screaming "GO MOM" over my shoulder as I headed to the water with my team....
My favorite cheerleader!
And then it was time for the Nestea Plunge!  Backwards I fell  with my head going beneath the water!  It was exhilarating and amazing!! I danced as I pulled up my sagging, wet tutu and headed towards the shore cold and HAPPY!
The team found our supporters, took photos and headed to change into warm clothing.  Once I was changed, 13 and I went to get some hot chocolate and food. We ate and drank and danced and laughed and warmed up. It was a joy to watch my boy so happy.
Soon it was time to head to the car for the drive home. 13 and I talked and laughed some more as he floated on cloud nine...and I did too.
Today was a day that I will remember for a lifetime. Time with good friends. Time checking an item off my bucket list. Time raising money for 2 great causes. Time with my son that changed his life and mine forever. #forwardisapace Peace


Slow down. Curves ahead. Life, life roads and trails, often has curves. Some curves are so sharp if we don't slow down, we veer off the road into a ditch.
It is important to watch the signs and look ahead to where we are going.
Today I saw the signs that I has missed.
I took off for a run only thinking that I would go about 2-3 miles as I had not run in months and my last run was crap. But as I moved forward and put one foot in front of the other, I realized that I was doing ok. I was running again. Do not get me wrong, it was not an easy run by any means, but it felt good.
i kept moving forward feeling stronger with each step and as I ran, I realized that I was coming back to myself.
The last few months have been hard. Harder than any marathon or race I have ever run, and while I know that race is not yet over, I can see the finish line. I can see that light at the end of the tunnel. I have had the support of a lot of good people and I know that they see and feel my pain. For years, I have been the cheerleader...the motivator... Suddenly that changed and I could barely breathe without crying. It was not a place or feeling I was familiar with. I felt like a fake....going though the motions and smiling through the pain. But my friends took over. People I knew took over. People I barely knew and some I didn't know I touched took over. They supported me in words and actions that helped me feel supported and loved. I have never been one to take things or ask for is not a space in which I am comfortable. I did not need to ask....People just showed up. People sent me messages. People prayed.
Today during my run, I was caught in such a place of deep gratitude for every one of those people. They may never know how much their support has meant to me and changed my life but today I gave thanks for each one.
 I am so blessed to have a support team that helps me see the light....
#forwardisapace Peace