Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Countdown's On!

"Standing there alone
the ship is waiting
all systems are go
are you sure?
control is not convinced
but the computer
has the evidence
"no need to abort"
the countdown starts"
Major Tom - Peter Schilling

This is it! Only 9 more days until the marathon! I am getting a bit nervous but I know that this is is Taper Madness.

During the taper the miles decrease and the time spent NOT running increases. This causes fear, dread, and panic. More time to think about what can go wrong. More time to catch up on things put aside due to training. More time to wonder what will happen AFTER the Marathon.

I am in that space now. Trying to catch up on things and trying not to think about the 'What if's' of next week. I am trying not to eat too much. One thing about running it really curbs the appetite (also allows me more leverage with what I eat). When I am not running my mind often drifts to food! I love FOOD!

So...this is it. All systems are go. Control (my brain) is not convinced. The Compter (my body) has the evidence and says no need to abort. The Countdown Starts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is Overwhelming!

Wow! Life sure is overwhelming! The milage has ramped up, school is in full swing, Girls On the Run has started, and it is football season. All these things chew away at my time and energy. Just when I feel like it is not worth it and it is all too much....amazing things happen to remind me what is important.

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter. It is a day filled with music, treats and balloons. She is the light in my eyes. She has a spark and an edge that challenge me on my best and worst days. She has a smile that can light up a room. She has a spirit that never gives up and never gives in. She has a positive body image and positive outlook that I have never possessed. She has the most tender heart and a soft spirit that endear her to everyone around her. She is such a gift to me. I am blessed every day to be her mother.

My children never cease to amaze me. Each and every day is new and different. They are growing and changing faster than I would like most days but they are becoming such wonderful human beings that it is hard to believe they are my children.

There are times when I feel so overwhelmed by life and all that it takes to get through a day......then something wonderful happens. Most times it is a minor thing that only I notice but it is there...a sign that it is worth it....every day is worth it.

So when life gets overwhelming...look for the little things....every day IS worth it!